• All About DRA 2
         DRA 2 is an individualized reading assessment that is designed to find the student's independent level of readingThe main purpose of the DRA 2 is to enable teachers to systematically observe, record, and evaluate change in student reading performance and to plan for and teach what each student needs to learn next.
         Information on the DRA 2 enables the teachers to:
    • Determine a student's independent DRA 2 level
    • Confirm or redirect instruction
    • Group students effectively for reading experiences and instruction
    • Document changes over time in reading performance
    • Identify students who may be working below proficiency and who need further assessment.
    DRA 2 - 1 - 3 is designed for first through third-grade classrooms with rich literate environments.  It assesses the student's oral reading and measures comprehension as the student retells the story read.  Beginning at level 28, students provide some written responses. 
    DRA 2 - 4 - 8 is designed for on-level and struggling fourth-through eighth grade students.  It assesses student reading achievement in reading engagement, oral reading fluency, and comprehension. 

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Last Modified on June 20, 2009