•  Welcome to Mill Run Music!!
          Hello and welcome to music at Mill Run Elementary, where children always come first! 
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    The music teachers here at Mill Run are 
    Mrs. Kang and Mrs. Johnson.


    Mill Run Elementary Music Program

    Mrs. Kang and Mrs. Johnson teach Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades. Please refer to ParentVue, to see your student's teacher. 

     Mill Run Elementary students receive one 50 minute lesson of music instruction every week at Mill Run.

    Click here for Music Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools 



    LCPS Art, Music, and Physical Education Report Card Guidelines

    4 = Exceeds Standard:

    In addition to meeting the standard, the student makes application beyond grade level expectations. 

    3 = Meets Standard:

    Student consistently meets and demonstrates mastery of current grade level expectations. 

    2 = Progressing Towards Standard:

    With assistance, student demonstrates partial mastery of current grade level expectations. 

    1 = Below Standard:

    With assistance, student struggles to demonstrate partial mastery of current grade level expectations.

    What Is Expected Of Mill Run Music Students? 

                1. Be a Musician ( Try new things and explore music in musical ways) 

                2. Follow Directions

                3.  Respect my classroom and the instruments inside the classroom 



Last Modified on June 9, 2023