Here at Mill Run Elementary, school counseling lessons are based on nine character education words. At the beginning of each month a new word is introduced to the students. The lessons are taught in a variety of formats, such as; discussion, art, reading of stories, video's and playing games.  Below you will find what month a character education word is introduced and the focus of the lesson. 
    Students will focus on the importance of treating others the way you want to be treated and encourage respect for self and others
    October-Bully Prevention
    Bully Prevention lessons will begin in all grades.
    The three R's Recognize, Report, Refuse will be the focus of the lessons.
    November-Bully Prevention and Fairness
    Bully Prevention lessons continue.
    Lessons will center around playing by the rules, treating others with kindness and honesty, thinking about the feelings and needs of others, and not leaving others out.
    We will focus on the importance of showing caring attitudes and developing sensitivity towards others. Students will explore examples of being kind-hearted and better understand the joy of giving to others.
    Lessons will include; understanding that everyone is different, recognizing the importance of treating everyone with respect, recognizing that people have different skills and talents, and understanding that people with special needs have feelings.
    Traditionally, February is the month that we think of showing loved ones how much we care for them.  In keeping with this tradition, we will discuss how we show others that we care about them through our actions of showing concern, being kind, sharing, and helping.   Caring Activity Page 
    March-Career Awareness-Trustworthiness
    Career Exploration lessons will begin at all grades.
    Along with Career Exploration, we will also focus on the importance of being honest and telling the truth, returning things that don't belong to you, as well as not cheating or stealing.  Students will also explore the significance of being dependable and reliable as a foundation for trust and how this relates to the jobs that we have.
    April-Career Awareness-Responsibility:
    Career Exploration lessons continue.
    Lessons will focus on helping students understand that they have responsibilities as members of three different groups; home, school and community.  We will discuss the importance of thinking before acting, making good choices, solving problems and not blaming others when mistakes are made and how this relates to the jobs that we have.
    Guidance lessons in the classroom will focus on group and individual responsibility for good citizenship.  Citizenship involves following the rules and doing their part to ensure their own safety and that of others.  Discussions about citzenship also include getting to know our community helpers and exploring the many different types of jobs or careers which people may want to choose. 
Last Modified on November 8, 2023