• Accelerated Reader
    What is AR?
    Accelerated Reader’s three easy steps help teachers continuously guide students to appropriate books within their zone of proximal development. At the same time, it helps them personalize reading instruction and intervene with students who need extra help.
    How does AR work?
    1. Student Reads a Book- The student reads a library or textbook selection. All types of student reading are monitored, including guided, paired, literature-based, and textbook reading.
    2. Student Takes a Quiz- Middleburg Elementary offers 550 quizzes on library books and popular reading textbook series. The quizes provide assessment information to help the teacher motivate reading, monitor progress, and target instruction to accelerate reading growth.
    3. You Get Information- The teacher gets easy-to-read reports on the reading level and comprehension skills of each student to guide instruciton and help the student select more reading materials.
    *Please check with the librarian as all book titles posted on the Accelerated Reader list are not presently available through the Middleburg library. You may be able to check them out through the public library.