• Suggestions for Improving Listening Skills
    1.  Read to your child as often as possible.  It is vital that your child becomes aware of the "listening" act.  The approach that you use in reading a story is very important.  Below are some suggestions for presenting stories:
    a.  eliminate distractions as much as possible
    b.  select a "quiet time" for presentation of material
    c.  familiarize yourself with the story so that you can ask the child to listen for answers to specific questions which you pose before reading the story
    d.  present a short story initially. Increase story length as the child's attention span increases
    e.  after reading the story, ask your original questions plus one or two more which were not asked previously
    f.  repeat the story if the child is unable to answer the questions
    g.  ask the child to tell you the story in his own words to see if he has grasped the main idea
    2.  Television can also provide opportunities for improving listening habits.  Turn the volumn down so that your child must concentrate more on listening.  Another variation with the t.v. (which changes the "regular cartoon time" into a valuable listening and learning experience) is to: (1) ask the child at the end of the program, specific questions about what happened or  (2) tell him to close his eyes during the program and identify the characters by the sound of their voices.