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The Road to Good Speech
When you hear your child mispronounce a word, immediately repeat the word correctly.  Emphasize the correct sound.  For example: Your child says "I see a tat." 
Your reply should be, "Yes, I see a cat, too."
Changing sound errors is a complex process.  Before the child can produce the sound in everyday speech, he/she must progress through various stages.
Your child must be able to:
1.  hear the difference between the correct and incorrect sounds
2.  produce the correct sound by itself
3.  produce the correct sound in syllables
4.  produce the correct sound in words
5.  produce the correct sound in sentences
6.  produce the correct sound while reading
7.  produce the correct sound in controlled speaking situations
8.  produce the sound correctly in conversation
Always praise your child's speech efforts.  Correct your child's speech in a positive manner.  Children who feel confident in their ability to change speech habits will improve at a faster rate.