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Focus on Character 

Throughout the school year one student from every class will be nominated by their teacher for demonstrating one of the following character traits.  Each month that student will receive a certificate presented to them by Mrs. Seck, Mrs. Showalter and Mrs. Thomare.  We have also started to announce the student names so they can be recognized by their classmates as well.  These students will be recognized by Meadowland during monthly school gathereings.



To stand by, support, and protect your family,
friends and country. 
To treat people with respect. 


To complete tasks and assignments on time. 
To do what is right. 
To accept responsibility for the 
consequences of my choices. 
To be reliable.   


To understand that my present struggles
are essential for future achievement. 
To expend whatever energy is necessary
to complete a project.  

To show acts of kindness to others. 
To take initiative to assist someone who has a need. 
To help others without being asked.  


To be truthful to myself and others.
To never deceive, steal or take advantage of the trust 
people have in me.

This page was created for Meadowland Elementary by Mr. Don Rahn and Mrs. Margaret Craun

Last Modified on March 9, 2015