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         PRIDE in Physical Education

  Enter the gym on the green line and exit on the red line quietly and orderly

  Safety First!  Wear SNEAKERS and no big jewelry

  Show good sportsmanship and teamwork

  Cooperate and play fair

  Try your hardest!!! Give your best effort!!

 Use hand sanitizer before you leave

  Hear the whistle or music stops= FREEZE!         (Stop/Look/Listen/no talking) 

  Respect equipment and others


3 Strikes Discipline Rule

1stverbal warning
2ndConference with teacher (cool down spot if needed-on stage step) 
3rdSit out rest of class and a class report written, documented and sent home
(depending on severity or continuous behavior-call home & office referral)




     Students will be assessed in the areas of skill performance/content taught and appropriate behavior and safety in class.
Check Monthly Learning Targets on PE home page to see specific skills that will be graded each month.
Assessments will follow this learning progression scale:
Learning Progression Scale:
4-Student exceeds the standard and is able to apply skills to game type situations and explain what was learned.
GOAL:  3-Student met the standard and is able to demonstrate important concepts and skills taught
2-Student is progressing towards the standard and can recall basic/some informations about concepts/skills taught. Prompting may be required.

1-Student is progressing towards the standard, but requires assistance. Student has a limited ability to complete
tasks independently.