• Lucketts Elementary
    From the Beginning

    Old school


                Leesburg District bought five acres of land on June 20, 1912 for the sum of $625 on which to build the first Lucketts School.  In 1916 the old school opened with seven rooms and served as the grade and high school.

                During the 1920’s two classrooms, and auditorium with dressing rooms, central heating and plumbing were added.  Teachers earned about $400 per year at this time.

                In 1935 high school students were transported to Leesburg High School.  Lucketts School continued to serve seven elementary grades until 1967.  At that time grades six and seven were moved to Leesburg Elementary School.  The Old Lucketts School closed in 1971 when a new school was built adjacent to the old building.

                Eight classrooms, a library, kitchen and cafeteria, multi-purpose room, conference, activity and storage rooms were included in the new building. A kindergarten program was established in 1975. 

                Leesburg’s rapid growth in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s necessitated that students be temporarily placed at Lucketts until new buildings were on line.  Lucketts served students while Leesburg Elementary, Cool Spring Elementary School and Balls Bluff Elementary School were being built.  During this time art, guidance, gifted & talented education, and technology were added to the curriculum.  A full-time special education teacher was added in 1989. 

    This information compiled from:  Eugene School/LTM 1978; Lucketts School Handbook 1985; Audrey Moreland 1991; Mildred Loy 1991.