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    §  Career & Technical Education (CTE) classes place an emphasis on in-class group projects and cooperative team efforts which simulate the workplace environment.  This method of instruction helps students to develop human relations skills, leadership and teamwork skills, communication, and critical thinking skills. 

    §  Homework is typically not assigned in the CTE course; however, on occasion outside class assignments may be used such as: case studies, field interviews, and limited research.  If homework is assigned in a CTE class, the student and parent will find that assignment posted on either the teacher’s website or the class Vision site.  Please refer to each teacher’s policy to find where homework will be posted.

    §  Emphasis is placed on classwork, group projects and class participation.  It is expected that students will have good attendance and work cooperatively with their groups to complete projects in class in order to receive a satisfactory grade.  Students with excessive absences may be assigned homework from a text or a handout to make up for classwork missed. 





    Grading Practice Common to CTE Classes


    Missing Work: The student was either absent the day of the class assignment or did not complete and turn in the assignment.

    This assignment may still be turned in for full credit in accordance to the class grading policy and practice.

    When a Z is recorded in the Clarity grade book, it averages as a ZERO until the assignment is completed, turned-in, and graded. 

    If the assignment is not completed and turned in accordance with the class policy, the grade will become a Zero and is not eligible for make-up.

    Students who are absent are allowed time to make up the missing work and turn it in for full credit but must do so within the following time frame:

    §  1 Day Absence= One additional class block to complete the assignment

    §  2 Day Absence = Two additional class blocks to complete the assignment

    §  More than two consecutive absences will be handled case by case. 

    Students are expected to arrange for their make-up work with the teacher immediately upon their return.

    Students are expected to check the teacher’s website and/or VISION site to access assignments during their absence.

    Late Work:  In addition to the above policy regarding make-up work due to excused absences, the following policy applies to students who turn assignments in after the due date without making previous arrangements with the teacher:

    §  1 Day Late= Deduction of 10%

    §  2 Days Late= Deduction of 20%

    §  3 or More Days= Zero (0)


    Turned-In:  The assignment was turned in but has not yet been graded

    Assignments will be graded and recorded within 10 school days from the date of the assignment.


    Exempt: The student is exempt and does not need to complete the assignment.

    Students are exempt when extenuating circumstances warrant exemption.  Exemption is offered at teacher discretion.


    Zero:  The student failed to turn in the assignment or scored a zero grade. 



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