Current Art Projects

    Kindergarten will be creating puppets based off of themselves.This theme focuses on collaboration and play. They will be creating a sock puppet. Students will be working with their table group to practice and perform a mini-puppet show during art class. 

    1st grade is working with the theme of elephants. They will be learning about African and Asian Elephants. Students will focus on patterns and details in their work.

    2nd grade will be working on lettering. They will design a poster based on their first name, working with fonts and details. For their poster they will be picking a theme to work with. 

    3rd grade is learning about William Wegman. They will be creating a dog drawing of their choice and adding 3 human qualities or characteristics to their dog. Students will use fabric to add to their accessories. 

    4th grade is working on a logo design for a store of their choice. They will draw the logo and store and come up with merchandise to sell at their store. 

    5th grade is working with perspective drawing. They will create a watercolor artwork based on a perspective drawing of their choice.