Current Art Projects

    Kindergarten- Students will be working on making self-portraits and identifying their facial features. They will be drawing a self-portrait and seeing self-portraits by famous artists.  

    1st Grade- Students will be working with the theme of mountains. They will be creating a painting on mini- canvas with acrylic paint. Students will be learning about abstract and realistic art. They will work with blending colors and layout.

    2nd Grade- Students will focus on the theme of self-portraits. They will review facial features and practice making a realistic self-portrait. Students will be able to add activities, hobbies and things they like in the background. 

    3rd- Students will be working with foreground, middle ground and background. They will be using the theme of dragons to create their own short story that goes along with their artwork. Students will focus on creativity and imagination. 

    4th- Students will be working with the theme of sea creatures. They will choose a sea creature and create an environment. The materials used will be paper, glue and chalk pastel. Students will be working with texture and gradients in their artwork. 

    5th- Students will learn about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. Students will be creating a painting based on the style of Van Gogh and making the artwork their own. They will work on layering of paint and blending of colors.