• Wall of Fame!
    Wow, our school has such AMAZING artists :)

    Wall of Fame


      Wouldn't it be great to showcase your work for all to see? Students will be able to submit artwork they did at home or during recess to the "Wall of Fame". The Wall of Fame is the red bulletin board located inside of the art room. To submit artwork, you would place it in the drop off bin inside of the art room. To pick up your artwork, you would use the pick-up bin. Please note, all artwork needs to follow our art rules of school appropriate and not violent. If your artwork makes it on the "Wall of Fame", it will be hung for a couple of weeks then put back in the pick- up bin.
    All artwork must include: First and last name & classroom teacher
    The artwork should be your finished & BEST work!
    It will be the students' responsibility to pick-up the artwork to take it home.
    I can't wait to see what our school showcases :)