• Do well in School!

    Families whose children are doing well in school exhibit the following characteristics:

    Establish a daily family routine
    Provide time and a quiet and clean place to study.   
    Assign responsibility for household chores. 
    Have a firm bedtime.   
    Have dinner together. 
    Model the value of learning, self discipline and hard work 
    Communicate through questioning and conversation. 
    Demonstrate that achievement comes from working hard.
    Encourage children's development and progress in school
    Maintain a warm and supportive home. 
    Show interest in children's progress.
    Help with homework. 
    Discuss the value of a good education and possible career options.  
    Stay in touch with teachers and school staff.
    Monitor out-of -school activities
    Set limits on screen time. 
    Arrange for after-school activities and supervised care.  
    Show up.
    Express high but realistic expectations for achievement 
    Set goals. 
    Set standards that are age appropriate. 
    Recognize special talents and achievements.   Inform family and friends about successes. 
    Encourage reading, writing and discussions among family members 
    Listen to children read. 
    Read aloud to them. 
    Talk about what is being read.  

Last Modified on September 13, 2014