• Tennis Shoe Policy for Phyiscal Education in
    Loudoun County Public Schools 
    Please read carefully:


    BOOTS: The boot issue comes up every year when the weather gets cold. Loudoun County Schools policy is that students wear sneakers in PE. Another justification for prohibiting boots in your gym is that a film builds up from dirt and water carried into the gym from the tread on boots, thus creating a slippery surface on the gym floor. This is a greater safety issue as it impacts everyone.  Another issue is that we do not want students sitting out due to improper footwear. Students can always bring sneakers in their backpacks on PE days and change their shoes. If there are any questions on this matter, you may call Sheila Jones, the Health, Physical Education and Driver Education Supervisor or Mr. Sanford and Mr. Adkins at Little River Elementary.



Last Modified on November 9, 2017