• 21st Century Literacy Strategies

    Course Syllabus



    Course Content:


    I.  Reading Skills

    A.     SSR/read aloud

    B.     Vocabulary development

    C.    Comprehension skills

    D.    Reading Strategies

    E.     SOL test prep

    F.     Literary terminology


    II.  Academic Skills

    A.     Learning Styles

    B.     Time management

    C.     Reading a textbook

    D.    Study strategies/SQ3R

    E.     Organization/notebooks

    F.     Test-taking strategies/stress management


    III.  Project Work

    A.     Writing activities

    B.     Novel-based project

    C.    Book reviews/book talks

    D.    Book talks


    General Procedures & Guidelines:


                       i.      Students are expected to come to class on time and prepared. 

                     ii.      Students are expected to be mannerly and cooperative and to treat one another with mutual respect and dignity.

                  iii.      Students are expected to put forth their best effort and to participate in class activities.




    You will earn a grade each day—this grade may be based upon your daily effort, enthusiasm, participation, cooperation, and respectful demeanor in class, exams, quizzes, project work, or in-class assignments. 


    Grades are based on the District's grading scale.




    1.       You will have assignments each day, most of which can be completed during class time.  If the assignment is not completed, then you will be expected to take it home to be turned in the next class. 

    2.       You are responsible for make-up work missed due to an excused absence within the time frame provided by school policy—one day for each absence.  Please refer to the student handbook to read your responsibilities for make-up work due to absence.

    3.       Some assignments are group work, and some are independent work.  Regardless of the type of assignment, you are expected to complete it in a timely manner and with your best effort.



     What to expect each class period:


    This course is designed to improve your overall reading and writing skills.  It is fast-paced, with a change of activity every 20 minutes or so.  A typical class might look like this:


    9:00 -- 9:15                Sustained silent reading; read aloud; SOL exercise; journal

                                        writing; word game or puzzle; or opening exercise/review


    9:15 -- 9:35                Reading instruction/Book club


    9:35 -- 10:00               Writing instruction


    10:00 -- end of class  Project work; test or quiz; activity cards; other


    So, you see that the time will go quickly and that you will need to be attentive and on task in order to keep up. 




    My goal is to see you succeed.  While the work is intensive, the end products you create will be well worth your effort.  What becomes even more important is that you enjoy the learning process and come away with an even stronger use of reading and writing strategies.  Your goal is to do your best work so that you can be proud of your accomplishments. 

    Here is how you can reach me:

    Mrs. Clerkin   703-957-4400 (school)     e-mail:  marilyn.clerkin@lcps.org

Last Modified on September 7, 2017