• AP Psychology
    First Quarter:

    Research Methods (late Aug. to early Sept.)
    Brain ("Biological Bases of Behavior") (mid-Sept.)
    Nature vs. Nurture (late Sept.)
    Development ("Child Psychology") (early Oct.)
    Sensation & Perception (late Oct.)
    Second Quarter:

    Sensation & Perception (early Nov. to mid-Nov.)
    Consciousness (late Nov. to mid-Dec.)
    Learning (late Dec. to mid-Jan.)
    Third Quarter:

    Cognition ("Memory") (mid-Jan. to early Feb.)
    Cognition ("Thinking & Language") (early Feb. to mid-Feb.)
    Intelligence (mid-Feb. to late Feb.)
    Motivation & Emotion (with Stress) (early to mid-March)
    Personality (mid-March to late March)
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