• Odyssey of the Mind

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    Contract and Application Form




    Grade_____________1st Period Teacher________________________________










    Birthdate   Month________  Day____________  Year_____


    Have you participated on an Odyssey team prior to this year?_______________

    What did you enjoy about your team? _________________________________________


    Are there teammates that you would like to work with this year?  Who? ______________


    Have your read the long term summaries?____  What are your three favorites?_________


    If possible, who else would you like to have on your team?________________________



    Other activities (sports, clubs, groups) you are involved in_________________________



    Dates and times of activities:________________________________________________



    What skills and abilities are you good at which will add to the team (Circle all that apply)

    Acting    Building    Drawing    Dancing    Painting    Writing    New Ideas    Sewing  

    Designing Stuff    Thinking Quick    Working with Others    Laughing    Having Fun


    I would like to be on an Odyssey of the Mind team because________________________



    Please turn in completed application and contract to littlejenna@verizon.net by Oct. 3, 2011.


    Odyssey of the Mind Student Contract


    Your School supports Odyssey of the Mind, its team members and their coaches as they work towards completion of their problems.  To show my support of my fellow team members, coaches and my school, I will:

    • Encourage my fellow team members, always supporting them
    • Listen to and consider their ideas, suggestions and concerns
    • Show respect for the feelings of my team members


     I will:

    • Solve the problem with my team members, working together
    • Talk with my coaches when I am not clear on what assistance is acceptable
    • Support other Odyssey of the Mind teams and team members, at my school and other schools as well
    • Remember that if a suggestion I make to the team is not used, this does not mean that the suggestion was not valuable, it may be used later.


    I understand that:

    • Odyssey of the Mind is a commitment.  I must be willing to attend meetings, participated and work toward all goals set by the team. 
    • I have a responsibility to the team to remain committed until the problem is solved.
    • If I quit the team, my team may not replace me, and I hurt the team, who may have to compete with fewer members than desired.
    • I understand this years tournament will be held on _____________________, and I will make plans to be there.


    Student Signature________________________________   Date____________________


    Parents Commitment


    I understand:

    • Odyssey of the Mind is a long term commitment and I will insure my child will attend and participate at each team meeting.  If there is a conflict, I or my child will notify the coach in advance if possible.
    • I cannot assist with the actual development or construction of the team’s long term problem solution, including hints or ideas to help them.  It is their project, and only their mind can solve the problem. 
    • No outside assistance is permitted, including creations, decorations, costumes, ideas, inventions or any other practical advice.  The solutions must come from the team.
    • Odyssey of the Mind is a volunteer program and relies on volunteers to coach teams, judge tournaments and volunteer at meets.  I will volunteer and support all those who do.


    I agree to support the Spirit of Odyssey of the Mind, including good sportsmanship, team cooperation and proper manners. I will support the coach and assist the coach when needed.


    Parent Signature_________________________________   Date_________________________

Last Modified on September 22, 2011