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    Odyssey of the Mind

    Coaches Checklist


    In the Fall:

        Register with CCI @ www.odysseyofthemind.com

        Notify the Regional Director of the name(s) of your coordinator at www.rd@nwvoices.org

        Read the program guide.  It changes every year.

        Talk to your school administrators and PTA.  Let them know what is happening.

        Find coaches.  The more coaches the more potential teams.

        Advertise to the students.  Flyers and posters work, word of mouth is best.

        Meet with the parents.  Be sure they understand outside assistance.  They can help coaches, help in spontaneous, help with snacks, but cannot help with the problem.  This is a source of new coaches as well.

        Attend coaches training and Spontaneous Masters Training if possible.


    First Few Meetings:

        Make sure you have read the program guide.  Encourage your team to do so, or at least one team member to be an expert.

        Work on teamwork, what it is and isn’t.  Do spontaneous exercises to stimulate teamwork.

        Do not start on the problem.  Make sure the problem chosen is the one the team wants to do.  Remember no more than seven minds can work on the problem.

        Talk about outside assistance.  Read the definitions in the guide.  Make sure the team understands even their parents cannot help.

        Talk about the cost of the solutions, what is included and what is not, and how to control who buys what and when.

        Stress attendance at all meetings is extremely important.

        Teach creativity.  Encourage the team to think outside the box.

           Work on an entry for the t-shirt contest and send in your solution.





    Mid Year:

        Chose the problem and have the team start towards a solution.  Their solution.  Make sure they understand every nuance of the problem.

           Encourage the team to set deadlines…when is the script ready?  When is the solution ready?  When do you rehearse?

        Practice, practice, practice spontaneous.  Hands on, verbal hands on and verbal.  Get parents to help create and lead problems.

        Check for problem clarifications regularly and share with the team.

           Find your judge for your team.  You must have a judge to compete.  The judge will NOT see their team compete.  Teachers, coworkers and neighbors are good candidates.

           Find a volunteer to help at the Regional Competition.  Every team should have someone who can give a few hours.


    Late December/Early January:

           Register your team for the tournament.  Clearly identify your judge and your volunteer.  The judge must sign the agreement to go to training and spend the day at the tournament.

           Check with the team about t-shirts ordering…do they want a tournament t-shirt.

           Communicate with parents about the tournament.  When and where it is, remind them of the rules for outside assistance.


    As the Tournament Approaches:

           Make sure the team fills out all their forms.  Make sure they understand each form.

           Be sure the team has their solution, and is happy with it.

           Practice spontaneous.

           Review the style form, what does it mean and what is their style.

           Plan on how to get to the tournament.  Where do you meet?  Are you all going together?  What time are you meeting?  Who is bringing what?  Who has the props? Music? Costumes?

           Where are you going to meet if you can’t find each other?


    Have fun!!!!


Last Modified on October 12, 2009