Functional Academics 
    Quarters 1,2,3,4
    Reading: Students will read for a variety of purposes--safety signs, professional directions, material presentation, labeling, orientation, electronic communication

    Writing: Students will write for a variety of purposes--presentation, requesting help, personal information


    Math: Students will use Math skills (counting and money) for a variety of purposes--commercial transactions, inventorying, tallying


    Social skills: Students will learn to communicate in a variety of environments (school and community stores) for different purposes--ask for help, introduction, courtesy, problem-solving 



    Functional Academics: CII and professional skills  


    Unit 1: review, time concepts, wages
       Application: accomplishing work tasks in timely fashion (BigLots) 
    Unit 2:  Shopping within a budget 
       Application: Money$Stuff activities, Market activities, shopping at Walmart 
    Unit 3: Labeling and accounting concepts, commercial transactions
       Application: PLant sale
    Unit 4: Professional communication, money concepts
       Application: Selling tea to staff members
    Unit 5: Issues in the work place, asking for help
       Application: illustrated book


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