• Here are some fun and practical ways to make reading a normal and natural part of family life.

    *  Read aloud to your children.
    * Set aside a special time each day that you and your child devote to reading. 
    * Show your child that reading just isn’t for the classroom.  Let your kids catch you reading whenever possible. 
    Create a special place for you and your child to read. 
    * Telling stories from your personal life is a fun way to teach values, pass on family history and build your child’s listening and thinking skills.  You could even write a family book.
    * Help develop geography and reading skills by making a faux passport and a copy of an oversized world map.  Each time you and your child read a story about a different part of the world, color in that country on the map and stamp the passport.
    Build your child’s affection and respect for reading by helping them create their own personal library.
    * Recording books is one way to enable a young reader to enjoy a favorite book again and again.  Grandparents, parents, bothers and sisters can record their
    favorite stories on tape or the whole family can join in and play different characters.
    * Newspapers, magazines, and books are obvious reading choices, but don’t dismiss road sign, menus, billboards, cereal boxes and lots of other everyday items. Read aloud anything with words and present reading as a way to discover the world.