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    In September and October, students will review addition and subtraction, place value, rounding numbers and probability. Multiplication will be introduced. Students will also complete timed addition and subtraction tests. Daily practice of addition and subtraction facts at home may be needed.

    In Reading, students will be instructed through the balanced literacy program, called Pathways. This includes Lucy Caulkin's Units of Study, guided reading, shared reading, and interactive read aloud. Students will also be building stamina by reading independently.

    In Language, students use the word study program for spelling. They will also work on sentence structure, paragraph formation, and journal writing during the first marking period. Students will also complete the Weekly Language Challenge, a weekly editing activity, which is due on Fridays.

    Virginia Studies
    In Virginia Studies, students are learning about map skills and the five regions of Virginia. These include The Coastal Plain Region, The Piedmont Region, The Blue Ridge Region, The Valley and Ridge Region, and The Appalachian Plateau Region. For each region, students are learning the landforms, location, cities and waterways, natural resources and industries, farming, transportation and points of interest. Be sure to study their notebooks and fact sheets!

    Students will learn about flowering plants in Science during September and October. They will learn the parts of a plant and flower, seed germination and growth, how seeds travel, and how plants make food through photosynthesis. Students will plant seeds and hopefully watch them grow.