Third Grade Newsletter 
     boy kicking
       The third grade team will begin the year teaching place value, rounding and comparing values, and basic math facts.  Timed addition and subtraction math drills will be administered throughout the first nine weeks. 
    Place Value Unit Vocabulary (SOL 3.1)

    - digit
    - standard form
    - expanded form
    - ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands
    - rounding
    - comparing


    Reading & Writing boy writing

       We will introduce various genres of books (types of texts) such as realistic fiction, historical fiction, biography, folk tales, and poetry.  Students will work on applying word analysis skills when reading and using multiple strategies for decoding unknown words.  They will practice choosing independent books at an appropriate level.  We will encourage them to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction material. 

       Teachers will review the entire 5 step writing process with students.  Students will be brainstorming ideas and writing narrative entries!
    Social Studies 
    Benjamin Franklin
    Students will be introduced to our republican form of government.  We will discuss the necessity of government in the classroom, town, state, and country.  An introduction to Civics will include key vocabulary words such as rules, laws, rights, basic principles, republican government, and equality.
     Government Unit Voacabulary SOL 3.10 a, b, c and 3.11a
    - rules, laws, and government
    - republic, protecting rights, equality, diversity

    Science science girl

    In our unit on Matter, students will utilize their observation skills to investigate and understand that objects are made of materials that can be described by their physical properties.  A review of the water cycle will include key concepts such as precipitation, evaporation, and condensation. 

    Scientific Investigation Unit (throughout the year) SOL 3.1
    - scientific method
    - sorting and classifying
    Matter Unit SOL 3.1 and 3.3
    - states of matter (solid, liquid, gas)
    - mass and volume
    - physical properties
    - atoms
    - changing states of matter