• Latin III grading procedures


    9 Week Plans:

    Students learn more complex grammatical concepts and vocabulary. They read stories of increasing length and complexity that pertain to the expansion of the Roman Empire. The study of Greco-Roman culture and English derivatives and oral Latin continues.
    Marking Period 1

    Stage 21
    -Participles (review- Present Active Participle)
    -Perfect Passive Participle
    -Positive Adverbs from Adjectives (1st and 2nd Declension)
    -Partitive Genitive

    Stage 22
    - Perfect Active Participles- should introduce as “Deponent Participles” to aid the teaching of Deponents later in Latin III
    - Genitive of Description
    - Positive Adverbs from Adjectives (3rd Declension)

    Stage 23
    - Review of Present Active, Perfect Passive, and Deponent (Perfect Active) Participles
    -Comparative and Superlative Adverbs from Adjectives (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Declensions)

    Marking Period 2

    Stage 24
    - Concept of Subjunctives
    - Imperfect Subjunctive Active Voice
    - Pluperfect Subjunctive Active Voice
    - “cum” clauses with subjunctives

    Stage 25
    - Indirect Questions
    - All persons of the Imperfect and Pluperfect Subjunctive

    Stage 26
    - Purpose Clauses
    - Gerundive
    - Passive Periphrastic
    - Dative of Agent

    Marking Period 3:

    Stage 27
    - Indirect Commands
    - Result Clauses

    Stage 28
    - Ablative of Means
    - Ablative of Time When
    -Ablative of Time Within Which
    - Accusative of Duration of Time
    - Impersonal Verbs

    Stage 29
    - Active vs. Passive Voice
    - Present and Imperfect Passive
    - Relative Clauses of Purpose
    - ne with Purpose Clauses and Indirect Commands
    - compound verbs

    Stage 30
    - Perfect Passive
    - Pluperfect Passive

    Stage 31
    - Ablative Absolute
    - ut and ne in Purpose and Indirect Statement

    Marking Period 4

    Stage 32
    - Deponent Verbs
    - Future Active Participle
    - Gerundive- Passive Periphrastic Review with Dative of Agent

    Stage 33
    - Future Active Indicative
    - Future Perfect Active Indicative

    Stage 34
    - Present Passive Infinitive
    - Future Passive Indicative

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