• Latin 2 grading procedures


    9 Week plans:

    Students review material from Latin I, learn intermediate grammar and vocabulary, and continue to develop skills necessary to read Latin texts. They expand their understanding of Greco-Roman civilization and English derivatives and oral Latin.
    Quarter 1: (Stages 13-14)
    Irregular verbs
    prepositional phrases
    Roman Britain
    Geography of the Roman empire
    Mythology - most famous myths
    neuter nouns
    Quarter 2: (stages 15-16)
    Pluperfect tense
    relative clauses
    Mythological heroes and monsters
    the Underworld
    Quarter 3: (Stages 17-18)
    genitive case
    reflexive pronoun
    4th and 5th declension
    historical figures
    Quarter 4: (Stages 19-20)
    demonstrative pronouns/adjectives
    history of the monarchy and republic
    Roman medicine and science
Last Modified on August 21, 2019