• Latin I grading procedures


    9 Week Plans:

    This course explores basic Latin grammar and vocabulary and develops the skills necessary to read elementary Latin texts. The linguistic nature of the course is supplemented by a general overview of Greco-Roman civilization, including history, geography, daily life, and mythology. English derivatives and oral Latin are emphasized to show the influence of Latin upon the English language and to contribute to the growth of each student’s personal vocabulary.
    Quarter 1: (Stages 1-3)
    basic grammar terms
    1st, 2nd, and 3rd declension nouns
    Nominative, accusative, and vocative case
    Geography of Italy and Pompeii
    Present tense of sum
    Roman homes, family, and food
    Quarter 2: (Stages 4-6)
    Present, imperfect, and perfect tense of verbs
    prepositional phrases
    Roman theater and business, slavery
    Mythology: Roman gods and creation
    Quarter 3: (Stages 7-9)
    dative and more ablative case
    superlative adjectives and endings
    early Roman history
    Roman funerals and Roman baths
    Quarter 4: (Stages 10-12)
    comparative adjectives
    principle parts of verbs
    negative commands
    Roman education, government, heroes
    destruction of Pompeii
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