• Tolbert Summer Reading Grades 4 and 5


    Author                                                         Title

    Atwater, Richard                                    Mr. Popper’s Penquins

    Banks, Lynne Reid                                 Indian in the Cupboard

    Blume, Judy                                         Superfudge

    Brigg, Marlene Targ                               Bronco Charlie and the Pony Express

    Byars, Betsy                                        The Midnight Fox

    Byars, Betsy                                        The Pinballs

    Cleary, Beverly                                     Dear Mr. Henshaw **

    Cleary, Beverly                                     Socks, The Mouse and the Motorcycle

    Clifford, Eth                                         Help, I’m a Prisoner in the Library

    Creech, Sharon                                     Replay

    Dalgliesh, Alice                                      Courage of Sarah Noble

    Danziger, Paula                                    The Cat Ate My Gym Suit

    DiCamillo, Kate                                     The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

    Grahame, Kenneth                                The Reluctant Dragon

    Hannigan, Katherine                               Ida B.

    Hurwitz, Johanna                                   Teacher’s Pet

    Konigsburg, E.L.                                    From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil…

    Martin, Rafe                                         The Shark God (VYR)

    McLerran, Alice                                     Dragonfly (VYR)

    Moss, Marissa                                      Brave Harriet (VYR)

    Pearce, Philippa                                     The Little Gentleman

    Peck, Robert Newton                             Soup and Me

    Reilly-Giff, Patircia                                  Fourth Grade Celebrity

    Rockwell, Thomas                                 How to Eat Fried Worms

    Rylant, Cynthia                                      Missing May **

    Selden, George                                     Cricket in Times Square

    Shange, Ntozake                                   Ellington Was Not a Street

    Slote, Alfred                                         My Trip to Alpha One

    Vande Velde, Vivian                               Three Good Deeds

    Wells, Rosemary                                   Wingwalker

    Whelan, Gloria                                      Friend on Freedom River

    Wiles, Deborah                                     Love, Ruby Lavernder (VYR)

    Alcott, Louisa May                                 Little Women

    Alexander, Lloyd                                   The Black Cauldron

    Avi                                                       The Secret School

    Baggott, Julianna                                   The Anybodies

    Banks, Kate                                           Dillon Dillon

    Beatty, Patricia                                      Charley Skedaddle

    Blume, Judy                                           Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great

    Bunting, Eve                                          Summer of Riley (VYR)

    Codell, Esme Raji                                   Sahara Special

    Collier, James Lincoln                             Wild Boy

    Creech, Sharon                                     Love That Dog (VYR)

    Creech, Sharon                                     Granny Tortelli Makes Soup

    Creech, Sharon                                     Walk Two Moons **

    Dahl, Roald                                            Matilda

    DiCamillo, Kate                                      The Tale of Despereaux **

    Derby, Kenneth                                      The Top Ten Ways to Ruin the First Day of School

    DuBois, William                                      The Twenty-One Balloons

    Dyer, Heather                                        A Fish in Room 11

    Fitzhugh, Louise                                     Harriet the Spy

    Gipson, Fred                                          Old Yeller

    Henry, Marguerite                                   King of the Wind

    Hicks, Betty                                             Busted

    Juster, Norton                                         The Phantom Tollbooth

    Kadohata, Cynthia                                    Kira-Kira **

    Kline, Suzy                                              Oro and the Chop Suey Burgers

    Konigsburg, E.L.                                       The View From Saturday **

    Lord, Bette                                              In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson

    Lubar, David                                            Punished

    McDonough, Alison                                   Do the Hokey Pokey (VYR)

    Mercado, Nancy E.                                    Tripping Over the Lunch Lady and Other School Stories

    O’Brien, Robert                                         Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

    Paterson, Katherine                                   Bridge to Terabithia **

    Paulsen, Gary                                           Hatchet

    Pyle, Howard                                            Men of Iron

    Rodgers, Mary                                          Freaky Friday

    Speare, Elizabeth                                      The Witch of Blackbird Pond

    Stevenson, Robert Louis                             Treasure Island

    Van de Velde, Vivian                                   Now You See It

    Van Draanen, Wendelin                               Secret Identity

    Venokur, Ross                                            The Amazing Frecktacle

    White, E.B.                                                 Stuart Little

    Yolen, Jane                                                 Wizard’s Hall




    Christopher, Matt                                                             Various sports titles

    Hughes, Dean                                                                   Various sports titles

    Lowry, Lois                                                                        Anastasia books

    Scieszka, Jon                                                                     The Time Warp Trio series

    Wilder, Laura Ingalls                                                         Little House books




    Clements, Andrew                                              Various titles

    Fitzgerald, John                                                  Great Brain… books

    L’Engle, Madeleine                                             A Wrinkle in Time and sequels

    Lewis, C.S.                                                        Chronicles of Narnia

    Montgomery, L.M.                                              Anne of Green Gables books

    Snicket, Lemony                                                A Series of Unfortunate Events




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