• Reading Resource  


    The reading specialist serves as an additional resource for Tolbert students. Those who need an additional "boost" to ensure academic success receive services either in the classroom setting,  or as a grade level group in the reading room.  Classroom teachers  work closely with the reading specialist as part of the school's academic or instruction team.  Tolbert Elementary has two reading specialists: Mrs. Sieren and Mrs. Shaw.

    Children equipped with strategies for making sense of what they read become confident, enthusiastic readers.  Students learn and retain concepts best when they apply what they know to understand what they do not know.  Reading services are designed to meet the needs of students in the modality that works best for each individual.

    From learning the basics of alphabet recognition and letter sounds, to decoding words in context and working with spelling patterns, to mastering the complex comprehension skills necessary for understanding difficult content area texts, the students at Tolbert Elementary will be prepared to succeed as they progress through their elementary school years.

Last Modified on June 16, 2015