LCPS Parent Liaison Information
      The Role & Mission
    of the LCPS Parent Liaison

    Current research on parent/school relationships draws a strong correlation between parent involvement and increased student achievement.  Most studies support parents as collaborators, moving parent involvement beyond home/school partnership to a more formal involvement in the total school process.  Parent Liaisons serve as links among parents, community, and the public school.  They facilitate school/community communications, encourage parent involvement in the school, and help in the collaborative efforts of school personnel to fulfill the educational goals for children and foster higher academic achievement for students from diverse backgrounds.  Parent Liaisons help school systems build this important relationship.

    The primary role of the Parent Liaison is to empower you, the parents, to become active participants in the education of your children.  This, in turn, will enable students to have greater access to a quality education, as well as all available curricular and extracurricular activities, which are a part of the public school.  This access increases the potential of all students to perform at higher levels of competency.  The Parent Liaison will facilitate the communication of school needs and expectations to parents, and parents needs and expectations to the schools.  Particularly targeting the following areas:

    • Facilitate parent-school communication; 
    • Facilitate community agency referrals;
    • Encourage parent involvement in the schools;
    • Foster trust between parents and the educational community;
    • Foster higher academic achievement through collaboration with school personnel.

    The efforts of Parent Liaisons have made a difference by improving levels of comfort and information between the school and parents within the school population.  To print an information request form to mail or send to school click here. For more information about Tolbert's Parent Liaison program contact:

    Parent Liaison

    Tanya Galofaro

    Tolbert Elementary School
    Phone: (571) 252-2870
      Additional resources for parents can be found at:
    LCPS Parent Resource Center Web Page