We are so excited to see all of the Horizon students for the 2019-2020 school year! Be sure to come back to check out our page for updates on what fun and educational activities are ahead for the PE classes throughout the year! 
    Important Physical Education Reminders



    Notes for a student to be excused from physical education activities should be written by the parent and sent to school with the child. The physical education teachers will honor parent notes for three consecutive days. However, a note from a physician is required if a student must refrain from activity for longer than three consecutive PE classes.


    Appropriate dress for physical education classes means wearing comfortable clothing and shoes, which have rubber soles, are firmly secured to the feet; for the girls, wearing shorts or long pants is strongly recommended.  Restricting physical activity because of improper dress or shoes would be considered appropriate.

    *** Grading Scale**** 

    4=Exceeds the Standard

    3=Meets the Standard

    2=Progressing towards the standard

    1=Below grade level

Last Modified on March 18, 2020