• Courtyard Calendar


    January:          Check tree stakes;       

    Stomp Chrysanthemums, if frost has heaved them up


    February:         Remove rudbeckia heads & stems


    March:             Plant aquafilia;

    Enjoy bulbs


    April:                Braid daffodil stems; Fertilize for next year’s bulbs


    May:                Water and weed weekly;

    Cut braided daffodil braids


    June:               Prepare artifacts in small circle for next fourth grade class


    July:                 Water and weed 2-4 times a month

    (water deeply about 45 minutes) to provide 1/2” per week;

     Dead head blooms


    August:           Water and weed 2-4 times;

     Dead head blooms


    September:     Cut down hemerocallis stems


    October:         Rake dead hosta leaves;

    Trim and thin buddleia and caryopteris,


    November:       Cut down annuals;

     Fertilize after heavy frost


    December:       Stomp chrysanthemums, if frost has heaved them up