• The LCPS Mission is, “Empowering all students to make meaningful contributions to the world."

    meaningful contributions

    As we help students make real world connections, we believe in incorporating the 5 C's into their learning.

    1. Communication

    2. Creation

    3. Critical Thinking

    4. Collaboration

    5. Contribution

    Hillside is part of Loudoun County's new technology plan. Grades K-2 currently have 5 iPads and 5 Chromebooks per classroom. Students in grades 3-5 are each assigned a personal learning device to help enhance their learning throughout this year.


    All students, K-5, participate in a "Student Boot Camp" at the beginning of each school year where they will learn about proper device management as well as discuss the importance of being a good Digital Citizen.


    Hillside's IFT, Deb Haynie, is available to answer any questions or concerns.  Please check out LCPS' Student Tech Site for more information.