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    School Counseling / School Counseling
    As school counselors, we play an integral part in the education of all students by focusing on academic, social, emotional, and career awareness in addition to providing developmental, preventative, and remedial services. The school counseling curriculum provides us with the opportunity to work with students in large groups (classroom) and small groups, as well as individually to provide assistance in solving problems that may interfere with their educational and personal development.

     Classroom School Counseling Lessons
    Classroom lessons are provided throughout the year to ALL classes at Hillside. Mrs. Peterson provides lessons to grades 2, 3, 4 and 5. Mrs. Cali provides lessons to grades K and 1.  Lessons occur every other week for a duration of 30 to 45 minutes. Class activities and discussions with students focus on a variety of topics such as understanding self and others, bullying prevention and education, making friends, differences in tattling and reporting, cooperation, teamwork, problem solving, decision-making, conflict resolution, career awareness, and character education.
     Small Group Counseling
    Small group counseling is offered in two sessions, one session in the fall and one session in the spring. Small Counseling Groups will meet once a week for 30 minutes during school hours and last for approximately 6 - 8 weeks. Group meeting time will be scheduled to have the least impact on instruction. Groups will be facilitated by members of Hillside's UMHT (unified mental health team).  
    Some of our small groups at Hillside Elementary...
    Aces - This group helps third, fourth and fifth grade students learn study, organizational and test-taking strategies to lessen test anxiety, and help improve grades.
    Banana Splits - This group is for children whose families have recently experienced a divorce or separation.
    Cool Cats - Designed for students who would like to learn positive ways to express & control anger.
    Forever Friends - This group will discuss how to establish & maintain positive friendships along with practicing decision-making & problem solving skills.
    Flexible Thinking - This group helps students learn how to handle a variety of social situations and allows members to develop their social skills in a safe environment.
    Good Grief - This group focuses on helping students develop effective ways to cope with a sick loved one or the loss of a loved one (family member, friend, pet).
    Marvelous Me - Helping students improve their self-esteem, this group celebrates individuality & feeling better about themselves.  
    Stressbusters - Focuses on practical methods of stress reduction & curbing perfectionism.

    Individual Counseling
    Counselors and UMHT members are available to meet individually with students to discuss any concerns or worries that may impact their learning while here at school.  Student issues typically are those of friendship, grief, divorce, conflict, and school anxiety.  Students may be referred to the counselor by self, parent, teacher or administrator.  

    Parent Consultation
    Additionally, we are available for consultation with parents to discuss issues which may be impacting a student's academic achievement and to help plan strategies for successful learning.  Parenting resources and referral assistance are available upon request.  There is also a special section in the front of Hillside's school library, called the Parent Resource Library, with parenting, child development, child enrichment, cooking, and activity books available for check out.  Hillside's PTO has very generously donated money to get the Parent Resource Library established and continues to give money each year in order to add materials to our collection.  Please stop by and see our wonderful Parent Resource Library!
    Parent workshops are advertised as available throughout the school year. These workshops are excellent opportunities for you to explore and acquire new resources to add to your parenting tool box. There will be information on the School Counselors' webpage as well as notification in Mr. Mills weekly updates when workshops will be offered.
    We are here to help your child have the best year possible and to assist you and the teacher in making that happen. Please feel free to call us at (571) 252-2170 or email us at tracy.peterson@lcps.org or summer.cali@lcps.org if you have a concern you would like to discuss.
Last Modified on September 12, 2022