SEARCH Overview


    SEARCH is an enrichment program provided by Loudoun County Public Schools for all children in grades kindergarten through third grade. The SEARCH teacher visits every primary classroom bi-weekly and presents a lesson that focuses on higher-level thinking skills. The SEARCH program is designed to foster a classroom environment that encourages students to develop an excitement for learning and discovery. SEARCH teachers work within the classroom to stimulate curiosity, practice problem solving strategies, incorporate cooperative learning activities, provide opportunities for students to use higher level thinking skills, and to identify students with exceptional ability. During SEARCH lessons, the primary classroom teacher makes observations to gain insight into the students’ various skills, strengths, and learning styles. Both teachers work cooperatively to recognize and develop the potential for excellence in each student.

    The SEARCH curriculum is based in problem solving and spirals developmentally through five components: perceiving, reasoning, connecting, creating, and evaluating.  Each grade level learns about each component at increasingly more complex and abstract levels.
     For more information, please contact your SEARCH teacher, Mrs. Monkelien!