PTA Treasurer Requests
    If you are chairing a PTA Event or supporting one of our activities, please send the Treasurer an email to find out how much money your line item/event has been allocated or still has remaining before you start spending money.
    The PTA Treasurer Request may be used for all of the following needs:  
    > Request Reimbursement
    Please attach all receipts related to the event or approved budget line item you are supporting. Please complete a separate Treasurer's Request Form for each line item/event you are supporting. We can not reimburse you if you do not have a receipt! 
    PLEASE NOTE: ALL receipts MUST be submitted by the last day of the school year.  
    Teachers: Please refer to instructions and due dates on the Treasurer Request Form for your reimbursement requests. 
    > Request Payment of an Invoice or Contract
    If you have reserved a venue for a PTA sponsored event or initiated a purchase on behalf of the PTA, please complete the Treasurer Request Form to request payment by the PTA directly. You must attach the invoice or contract indicating to whom the check is payable and the due date.  
    > Request a Cash Box and Start-up Cash for an Event 
    Please indicate the amount of start-up cash that you will need for your event using the Treasurer Request Form. You will receive a cash box and a check, made out to you, for the amount of the start-up money.  You are responsible for cashing the check and getting the cash denominations you think are appropriate for the event you are supporting. You can go to the bank the day before or the day of your event to cash your check, but please do not wait until the day before your event to request start-up cash! Please also let the Treasurer know if you want to process credit card transactions at the event.
    > Deposit Money Raised at a PTA Sponsored Event
    After your event, you should complete the Treasurer Request Form again, this time listing denominations of all cash received and ALL checks. If you do not have enough space on the form, please attach a separate sheet of paper with all of the requested check data. Please contact the Treasurer within 24 hours of the event to arrange a time to hand off the money. You are responsible for the money until it is physically delivered to the Treasurer. Do not leave the money in the PTA Treasurer mailbox! We will re-count the money together and will both sign the form together. You should also to count the money with someone else immediately after your event and both sign the form together to verify the amount to money you have and are responsible for. 
    How to Submit Your Form and Get Your Reimbursement/Start-Up Check
    You may send your completed form to school with your student in an envelope labeled "Hamilton PTA Treasurer," drop it off in the PTA Treasurer mailbox in the main office, or bring your completed form with you to a PTA meeting.  
    If you have a request that is time sensitive, please send the Treasurer an email so they know to pick up your form. 
    For additional information, please contact the treasurer at: Treasurer@HamiltonPTA.net.