The Bright
    The Gifted
    The Profoundly

    -Knows the answers
    -Is interested 
    -Is attentive
    -Has good ideas
    -Works hard
    -Answers the questions
    -Is in the top group
    -Listens with interest
    -Learns with ease
    -Needs 6-8 repetitions for mastery
    -Understand ideas
    -Enjoys peers
    -Grasps the meaning
    -Completes assignments 
    -Is receptive
    -Copies accurately
    -Enjoys school
    -Absorbs information
    -Enjoys technical challenges
    -Good memorizer
    -Enjoys sequential presentation
    -Is alert
    -Is pleased with own learning
    -Asks the questions
    -Is highly curious
    -Is mentally and physically involved
    -Has wild, silly ideas
    -Plays around yet test well
    -Discusses in detail, elaborates
    -Goes beyond the group
    -Shows strong feelings and opinions
    -Already knows
    -Needs 1-2 repetitions for mastery
    -Constructs abstractions
    -Prefers adults
    -Draws inferences
    -Initiates projects 
    -Is intense
    -Creates a new design
    -Enjoys learning
    -Manipulates information
    -Is an inventor
    -Good guesser
    -Thrives on complexity
    -Is keenly observant
    -Is highly critical
    -Asks questions without answers
    -Is curious about extraordinary things
    -So involved may block out all else
    -Has innovative ideas
    -Tops out of most tests
    -Focuses, summarizes, conceptualized
    -Stands out among gifted peers
    -Recognizes opinions and can justify own
    -Already has internalized information
    -Osmosis learning
    -Applies abstractions
    -Prefers certain adults
    -Expands inferences
    -Develops creative projects
    -Directs intensity
    -Creates and applies new designs
    -Has a passion for learning
    -Manipulates information in unique ways
    -Envisions possibilities
    -Good educated guesser
    -Creates complexity
    -Near photographic memory for detail
    -Redirects self on basis of self assessment OR is a perfectionist
    The SEARCH program focuses on thinking skills and is designed to foster a classroom environment that encourages students to develop an excitement for learning and discovery.  SEARCH teachers work within the classroom and offer lessons to all kindergarten through third grade students.  These lessons are organized under the following headings: perceiving, reasoning, connecting, creating and evaluating.  During the lessons the primary classroom teacher makes observations to gain insight into the students' various skills, strengths, and learning styles.  Both teachers work collaboratively to recognize and develop the potential for excellence in each student. 
    Additional goals of the SEARCH program include the following:
    --  Stimulate each student's curiosity, by providing opportunities for him/her to question, think and create
    --  Differentiate the learning activities in the curriculum to meet individual needs of students with special interests, strengths and challenges
    --  Provide in-service programs to help classroom teachers work effectively with identified gifted students
    --  Identify students in kindergarten through third grade who have exceptional ability and provide them with materials and lessons which are commensurate with their ability levels


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