School Counseling Overview
    As school counselors, we work with our school staff and parents to help students achieve their personal best.  Through classroom guidance, small groups and individual counseling, our role is to help students handle academic, social/emotional challenges and make the most of their school experience.  Parents may email or call us if we can assist in any way.

    School Counseling Mission and Vision:

    Through the promotion of life-long learning, student-directed, data based instruction, and a quest for achieving personal best, Guilford students are guided in instruction, led to understand strengths and challenges, and taught the importance of individual responsibility for acquiring the needed skills and resources to become successful workers and citizens for the 21st century.  A collaborative relationship among teachers, administration and the school counselor exists to ensure that all Guilford students are afforded the expertise of educators dedicated to supporting their continuous efforts to be earnest learners who recognize the value of education.  Parents and guardians of Guilford students are partners in the educational process and essential to establishing and maintaining a culture of learning at home.


    Guilford School Counselors Believe:

    *Every student can learn to his/her potential
    *Every student needs ongoing guidance to address individual needs and potential
    *Every student has the capacity to develop, plan, monitor and achieve educational and personal goals for success
    *Every student is a contributing member of the elementary school learning environment with the propensity to become accomplished learners
    *Every student is entitled to a progressive educational program designed by teacher and counselor experts to help students grow in knowledge and ideas that will lead them toward a desire for future learning and experiences

    The Guilford Elementary School Counseling Program should:

    *Provide students unsurpassed instruction to adequately prepare them for secondary educational experiences and a future career
    *Help students understand the world of work and relate current educational practices as preparation for a career
    *Guide students toward becoming productive citizens who have a respect for themselves and others
    *Support school goals and partner with teachers, staff and administration to guide student learning
    *Adhere to ethical standards as outlined in ASCA guidelines and LCPS district policies
    *Generate and use data for teaching objectives and ensure learning is experienced by all students
    *Promote positive behavior through consistent use of guidelines developed for student performance

     Grant, Patricia / Role of School Counselors