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    Mrs. Nelson’s

    Classroom Routines


    1. Any student who is not in the classroom when the bell rings at approximately 7:50 am will be counted tardy for the day.
    2. After the morning announcements at 7:50 am, I will take attendance and mark the attendance folder accordingly. 
    3. Messengers will take attendance folder to the office by 8:00.

     Thursday Folder:

         Every Thursday each student will be sent home with his or her Thursday folder.  This folder will contain graded assignments and all important school and classroom information.  Please sign all graded assignments, read the school/classroom papers, and return it (along with the graded assignments and any signed papers) to school with your child on Friday.


    Using the Pencil Sharpener:

         Students may sharpen their pencils as needed, but I ask that they refrain from doing so during direct instruction.  The beginning of the day is a wonderful time to prepare our pencils for the day. J


    Getting Drinks and Eating Snacks:

         Students may get drinks as needed, but I ask that they refrain from doing so during direct instruction.  If an emergency arises, a student may get a drink by raising their hand.  I do allow students to keep a water bottle on their desk in the classroom.  Snack time will be given during the day.  Times will vary due to our classroom schedule.  Please pack your child a small snack to enjoy during the day. (NO FOOD WITh PEANUTS IS PERMITTED TO BE EATEN IN THE CLASSROOM!)


     Using the Restroom:

         Students may use the restroom as needed, but I ask that they refrain from doing so during direct instruction.  Again, if an emergency arises, a student may use the restroom by raising their hand and signing in and out on the Bathroom Log. 



    1. If a student is feeling ill they should let me know immediately.
    2. Depending on the student’s symptoms, I will treat them accordingly.
    3. If the symptoms persist or an emergency occurs, I will send the student to the health clinic immediately.

     Afternoon Dismissal:

    1. 2:35 – 2nd Bus Run students are dismissed.
    2. 2:35 – Car Riders, Day Care Van Riders, and CASA students are dismissed.


    Checking My Mailbox in the Office:

           Although our days are filled with lots of learning and fun, I will still make sure I check my mailbox for messages.  I will make sure to check it before school starts, at lunchtime, and after school.  Although I do have an email account, I find I receive messages a lot faster through the school office. J


    Lunch Time 11:50 – 12:20:

           On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I give the students the opportunity to eat lunch in the classroom with me.  On Tuesdays the girls may eat in the room and on Wednesdays the boys may eat in the room.  From time to time, the whole class will be able to eat in the classroom on Fridays.

Last Modified on August 22, 2019