• Physical Education Class Rules                 

          1. Shoes

          a. Shoes must be appropriate for Physical Education class.

          b. Shoes must tie, buckle, Velcro or have elastic to stay on the student’s feet.

          c. Tennis shoes or soft sole shoes are appropriate.

          d. Sandals, Jelly shoes, Boots, and Dress shoes are not suitable for Physical Education. 

          e. If non-suitable Physical Education shoes must be worn to school, then bring suitable

              shoes to be able to participate.

          f. Shoelaces must be in shoes always and tied during class.

          g. Shoes without backs are not appropriate Physical Education shoes.


          2. A written excuse is needed to miss Physical Education class. If more than one week

              is to be missed than a doctor's note is required.                   


          3. Loudoun County rules states if Physical Education class is missed because of a parent or

              doctor's excuse, the student cannot participate in recess.


          4. Please make sure you have signed and completed your child’s health check form

             and return it to your child's teacher. 


          5. If a student doesn't wear appropriate shoes during Physical Education four times

             during a nine week period, it may affect their grades.  


          Periodically check the website for any changes for announcements in Physical Education. 




Last Modified on June 17, 2021