• What is the EL program?


    EL in Loudoun County Public Schools is a resource program designed to help non or limited English speaking children learn English and gain language skills and confidence to participate in the school system’s academic programs and extracurricular activities.


    EL at Frances Hazel Reid ES


    The EL program at FHR serves children in grades kindergarten to grade 5. The program strives to increase students' English language skills in the following domains:



    Learning to understand English spoken in a wide range of social and academic contexts.



    Learning to speak English with increasing accuracy and fluency, in order to convey meaning appropriate to a wide range of social and academic contexts.



    Learning to read in English with increasing comprehension for a variety of purposes.



    Learning to produce written English with increasing fluency and accuracy to convey meaning appropriately in a range of social and academic contexts.



    Learning concepts that result in knowledge and awareness of the history and culture of classmates, Virginia and the United States.


    An integrated thematic curriculum is necessary to help students build vocabulary as well as learn content. Integrated instruction brings both cognitive development and language development together. The EL curriculum is used as a guide for planning; its objectives are also based on Virginia SOL standards. Communication with the regular classroom teacher is also essential to support specific areas of classroom instruction as necessary.







Last Modified on August 28, 2019