• First Grade Team

    Welcome To First Grade


    Learning Together in First Grade 
    By Barbara Gruber & Sue Gruber

    First grade is a special place, 
    See the big smile on my face.

    Games to play and songs to sing, 
    We learn about everything.

    Pencils, papers, books to read, 
    We have everything we need.

    So much to learn, so much to do, 
    We must listen to you-know-who. 
    Our class is a busy bunch,

    Look- it’s almost time for lunch!

    We know all the ABC’s, 
    Right down to the XYZ’s. 
    Reading, writing, spelling too, 

    We even know two plus two.

    We learn together all year, 
    Second grade will soon be here!

    There’s time for work, time for play, 
    Learning new things every day.

    First grade is a special place,
    See the big smile on my face.




Last Modified on October 7, 2019