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    When parents are involved in their children’s education at home, they do better in school. And when parents are involved in school, children go farther in school and the schools they go to are better. Research also shows that parent involvement makes a difference across all socioeconomic levels and cultural backgrounds.

  • Help Wanted

    We're looking to fill the following positions for next year's PTA Board. Please contact Jill jillvaughanus [at] yahoo [.] com or Sarah refinedaesthetics [at] gmail [.] com for more information or to sign up for an officer or committee chair!


    Fifth Grade Activities

    Fundraise for the 5 th grade end of the year events as well as plan and hold the 5 th grade promotion ceremony reception and last day of school party. Needs to be parents of 5 th graders.

    First Day Packets

    Working with Mrs. Kenyon, this is packing the packets that come home on the first day of school with everything from the school and PTA, as well as copying all of the PTA materials to go in it. The assembly usually happens less than a week before school starts.

    Loudoun Education Alliance of Parent (LEAP)

    Attends LEAP meetings and reports back to PTA. We would like to have 2 reps.


    Prepares membership flyer for first day packets and helps coordinate and staff a table at Back to School Night and Open House. Collects all membership forms and payment and keeps track of online memberships. Submits all membership information to VA PTA.

    Python Paint Night

    Python Pacers Coach

    Science Night

    Coordinates the Science Fair and Science Expo (2 chairs in past have divided those aspects). Science Fair- sends out communications to parents and students regarding creating and submitting a science fair project. Organizes the projects and creates a program. Has volunteers to help with set up and distributing raffle tickets, etc. Science Expo- Reaches out to community to get participants and coordinates the various booths. Works with volunteers to help manage various booths and areas.

    Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

    Attends SEAC meetings and reports back to the PTA.

    Spirit Nights (Pythons On the Town (POTT))

    Contacts local restaurants and businesses to set up Spirit Nights. Creates flyers and copies and distributes. Makes sure that funds raised are collected (most will mail to school, some require someone to pick it up).



    Maintains our PTA webpage. Posts flyers, registration materials, and more. Would be best if this person has experience building webpages.
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