Seeking Educational Alternatives to Reach and Challenge Higher Level Thinking

    Loudoun County's SEARCH program focuses on thinking skills and is designed to foster a classroom environment that encourages students to develop an excitement for learning and discovery. SEARCH classes are offered to all students in grades K, 1, 2, and 3. SEARCH teachers work within the classroom to stimulate curiosity, practice problem solving strategies, incorporate cooperative learning activities, provide opportunities for students to use higher level thinking skills, and identify students with exceptional ability.  Observations are made during the lessons to gain insight into the students’ various skills, strengths, and learning styles. Both the SEARCH teacher and classroom teacher work collaboratively to recognize and develop the potential for excellence in each student. 
    The Gifted Education Program goals: 
     To become divergent creative thinkers who recognize problems and solve them. 
     To construct personal meaning and understanding of others and of the world around them. 
     To develop the capacity for self assessment (ownership of the learning).

    SEARCH Thinking Keys:

    Perceiving- understanding and learning with one's senses

    Reasoning- using information to find answers that can be proven, are logical, and make sense

    Connecting- linking information and ideas to see how they fit together

    Creating- putting ideas, information, or objects together in a new or different way

    Evaluating- using information to make a decision





Last Modified on June 29, 2023