Dominion Trail PTA Membership

    Be a powerful voice for your children!
    Research has shown us that children do better when their parents are involved. The students and staff at Dominion Trail need the support of all parents to be successful. Joining the PTA is an easy way to get involved. Your membership fees directly impact all students starting right in their classrooms. Don’t know how to join the PTA or how the PTA impacts our school? Keep reading!
    How do I become a member of the PTA?
    All that is required to become a member of the PTA is completing a membership form and paying the annual membership fee of $10 per person or $15 for two adults. The membership fee covers membership in both the National and State PTA organizations; the remainder stays with our local chapter to help fund the programs, activities, and equipment purchases provided each year by the PTA. Please note that membership does not require any further obligation from you, but all members are welcome and encouraged to join us at the monthly PTA meetings to make even more of a positive impact on our school.
    To get started, simply use our online form and send payment in your child's folder or pay in the Square Store.
    Teachers and staff members are invited to join as well!  

    What are the benefits of being a member of the PTA? 

    The most important benefit of being a PTA member is having the right to vote on all motions presented at the monthly PTA meetings; this right gives you the ability to influence the direction taken by the PTA. You will also gain access to a member's only portion of the National PTA website, which contains special offers and discounts for a variety of national businesses. 

  • In order to raise money for all of these purchases and activities, the PTA will sponsor the following passive fundraisers:

    The only way we can accomplish all of this is through the dedication of our members. Won’t you please join us?


    Who do I contact if I have any questions?
    Please contact DTES PTA with any questions you may have about becoming a member of the PTA.
Last Modified on September 10, 2018