• Reasons to Study Music
    Music Instruction enhances spatial-temporal reasoning for preschool and elementary age children while instruction is occurring, and through at least two years of such instruction.
    Arts Students score higher on "Thinking Skills".
    Music Majors are accepted into Medical School more than any other discipline.
    Music training helps under-achievers. 
    Arts integration results in higher elementary test scores.
    Music making offers extensive exercise for brain cells and their synapses (connections). 
    There is substantial evidence that working with the arts, especially in grades kindergarten through seven, develops students' minds and bodies in ways that enable them to learn better
    Arts programs have been quite effective in teaching math, science, reading, writing, general language development, history, and social studies.
    The arts help to develop students' skills in problem solving, empathy, and creativity.
    THE ARTS ARE ESSENTIAL FOR SUCCESS - Not only are the arts fun for kids, they help kids in school and working to learn.
    "The purpose of education is not simply to inform but to enrich and enlighten, to provide insights into life as it had been led and as it may be led.  No element of the curriculum is better suited to that task than arts education… The arts take us beyond pragmatic concerns of the moment and give us a glimpse of human possibility."
     David Kearnes, now retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Xerox Corporation.
    These facts and quotes are taken from:  http://www.winstonmusic.net/instructionreasons.htm
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