• An Overview

    The comprehensive Music Program at Dominion Trail Elementary is based on the following musical elements:

    • Expression Dynamics, Tempo and Articulation
    • Timbre Vocal and Instrumental tone colors
    • Rhythm Beat and Meter
    • Pitch Melody, Harmony and Tonality 
    • Form phrases and structure
    • Cultural Context Style, background and genre 
    • Movement
    • Technology

    These elements are taught through singing, playing, moving, technology and improvising during music lessons.  Students learn to read and write musical notation.  Listening, describing and analyzing are three more important skills.  All skills are taught in a planned, sequential order to maximize each child's success.

    We are fortunate to have many wonderful materials in the music room.  Students have the opportunity to play a variety of pitched and un-pitched percussion instruments to achieve the music objectives.  The use and development of the singing voice is a vital component of the music program.  All students will learn about the lives and music of famous composers.

    Students in grades one through five receive two thirty-minute music classes a week.