• Authors Are Awesome!

    Dav Pilkey

    The man who gave us Kat Kong, Dogzilla and Captain Underpants will tell you all about how he became an author and show you around his Website O'Fun.
     Captain Underpants  Kat Kong  Dog Breath

    Jan Brett

    Hedgehogs, gingerbread babies, mittens and snow bears...you'll find all of these in Jan Brett's world. On her website, you can watch videos that will teach you to draw, print out coloring pages or learn all about this amazing author.
     Hedgie  Gingerbread  Snow Bears

    Dan Gutman
    Learn all about the man who writes some of the best sports books out there. He's also the author of Weird School and the Just Disgusting books. You'll learn a lot about him at his website.
     My Weird School  Roberto & Me  Genius Files
    Jon Scieszka 
    You may not know how to say his name (he winks and says it's pronounced "Jon") but this guy with five brothers knows how to have fun with writing. Check out his website for a list of his books, first drafts, and pictures of his grandparents.
    True Story of the 3 Little Pigs
     Spaceheadz  Time Warp Trio