•  In elementary schools the ELL program is a push-in and pull-out program.  Teachers will "push in" a classroom to give extra support to students in specific content areas.  "Pull out" lessons are taught in the ELL classroom in a small group setting.

    The ELL teachers take students from their regular class for 30-60 minutes a few times a week depending on the students’ needs.


    Students work on:

    Listening skills in English

    Writing in English

    Reading in English

    Speaking in English


    ELL teachers work with classroom teachers to ensure the academic success of our students. Students are evaluated throughout the year to determine their English language level and to make appropriate lesson plans suitable for their individual needs.


    The goal of ELL is to use sheltered techniques to give background knowledge in specific content areas to students so they can be as successful as their native English-speaking peers.  We strive to ensure that all ELL students are challenged and engaged in all areas of school.