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    Cool Spring PTA – Frequently Asked Questions
    What is the Cool Spring PTA?

    The Cool Spring PTA is an organization of parent volunteers that work with the school staff to provide programs and activities that benefit our children, the staff, and the school.  The PTA is a non-profit business.  The proceeds from all events and fundraisers go directly to benefit the school and its students!

    How does the PTA support the school, staff and students?
    • Provides teachers with additional, needed classroom supplies, especially books, but also art and music supplies, and math manipulatives.  The PTA would like to increase technology products that staff will use to better prepare our students for the technology-filled world in which we live.
    • Sponsors fun-filled popular family events such as WinterFest, Reading Under The Stars, Bingo, and Spirit Nights.
    • Sponsors informative and educational speakers for parents on such topics as managing discipline, Internet safety, etc.
    What events, activities and services for parents does the PTA sponsor?
    The PTA sponsors and in most cases manages all of the following school programs:
    After-school Enrichment Programs               
    Academic Challenges (Word Masters)     
    Safety Patrols
    Science Fair                                                                                   
    5th-Grade Graduation
    Helping Hands                                                                               
    School Supply Kits                                                                     
    What fundraisers does the PTA participate in?

    The PTA generally holds one major fundraiser at the beginning of the school year.  Other minor fundraising events/programs include various restaurant nights, Bingo Nights, and the 5th Grade Student vs. Staff Basketball Night.  Please note the distinction between these fundraisers and the events/services listed above, on which the PTA breaks even or fully funds.

    What’s new for the 2018-2019 school year?

    We will be continuing some events from recent years, including Reading Under the Stars, Family Basketball Night, Bingo Nights and Spirit Nights. 


    We are putting a new twist on a few events this year.  Donuts with Dads and Mornings with Moms will be combined into Pastries with Penguins.  Breakfast with Santa will be expanded into WinterFest.


    We will also be having a Talent Show in February.  More details to follow.


    Our main fundraiser is the Fun Run on September 26th.  We will need strong support to be able to fund various PTA efforts throughout the year, efforts which will be explained in detail at the first PTA meeting on September 10 at 6:30 in the Library - we encourage you to come and help us decide how we'll build a better school and community here at Cool Spring!

    Why should I join?

    Becoming involved in the PTA can be extremely rewarding.  You are involved in your child’s education, and studies show that children perform better in school when their parents are involved.  In addition, you meet other parents, share your opinions and concerns, and stay informed on what is happening at Cool Spring.

    The main reason you should join is so that your children can continue to benefit from the many events, activities and services the PTA provides.  We need YOUR help to keep making these things happen!
    How can I help?
    You don’t have to make a huge commitment.  You can volunteer when it fits into your schedule.  Whether it’s an hour a month, or a few hours a week, you can help make a difference.  Here’s how:
    • Become a PTA member – your dues help support our programs and activities
    • Participate in fundraising events.
    • Volunteer to help with one of the events or programs that we offer.  If you can move a table or chair to help set up Bingo Night, if you can scoop some popcorn into a bag, if you can run a copy machine, you can be an invaluable asset to our PTA.
    • Submit your ideas for new programs, speakers, clubs or enrichment classes.
    • Attend PTA meetings (we’ll be brief!), join the PTA mailing list, join the Cool Spring PTA facebook page (adults only), and please read the PTA newsletters!
    I have preschool/infant children.  Can I bring them with me?
    YES YES YES!!  You are always welcome to bring your children with you when volunteering for PTA or attending PTA meetings.  Many people do! We may put your preschooler to work, though, putting out bingo cards, handing out prizes at Fall Festival, or papers at a general meeting; we believe in getting kids involved in helping their communities at a young age! With that said, however, we do ask that you please be considerate of the students and staff and remove a child that is disrupting the learning environment.
    I’d like to get involved, but I don’t know where to begin.


    That’s easy!  You can begin by contacting anyone on the PTA Board (contact info is on the website) or attending any of the PTA meetings during the year.  Check the calendar, newsletter, or facebook page for dates and times.  We look forward to seeing you there!
    Thank you!