Cool Spring Elementary
              Birthday Book Club               
    2018 - 2019      
    This year, Cool Spring Elementary would like to introduce you to the Birthday Book Club. This is a way to celebrate your child’s birthday by donating a book in your child’s name to the library. Participation in the program involves a $15 donation per book (one per child). Your child will then get to pick a book from the birthday shelf in the library workroom on their birthday (or close to it). (Summer birthdays will choose books in May.) They will have their name and birth date inscribed on the first page. Your child will be the first to check the book out. This book will then remain in the Cool Spring Library for others to enjoy.

    If you are interested in joining at this time, please complete the form below and turn it in with $15 (per child) donation by the end of September. If you would rather wait until your child’s birthday month to participate, that will be fine also. This letter and form can be found on the library website. Your generosity will benefit all the students at Cool Spring. Thank you for your participation and support of our school library.

    Any Questions please call Mrs. Bonnie Walker – 571-252-2890 or

    email Bonnie.Walker@lcps.org


    Birthday Book Club

    Student’s Name ___________________________  Birth Date  ___________

    Teacher  _________________________________   Grade  _________

    Please make checks payable to Cool Spring Elementary with a note in the memo section of the check – “Birthday Book Club".