Homework Routine and Expectations


    • Homework Routine:
    • Homework is normally assigned Monday through Thursday.  Aside from the reading, homework should take no more than 30 -40 minutes per night.  Generally, homework consists of:
    • Reading 20 minutes - CHAPTER BOOKS!  Encourage and maybe even share reading chapter books with your child.  Graphic novels limit imagination, vocabulary development and overall comprehension of story structure.
      Studies have shown that the more minutes a child reads per week, the higher his or her standardized test scores! So let's read, read, read!  Your child should be reading chapter books, no matter what their reading level. 
    • Math:  Please use your child's Math notebook for examples on how we are learning a concept.  Offering multiple methods may confuse students more.
    • Completion of extension for either Science, Social Studies, or Language Arts.
    • Studying Word Study words for tests that occur every other Friday.
    • Please check your child's planner every evening. I stamp each child's planner to indicate it has been completed correctly, so if you need to pass on a message this is a great place to ensure it is not lost in transit!

    Homework in advance:

    Please do not request homework in advance of an absence.  Homework supports daily instruction and is designed to support or reinforce these concepts.  If you have a planned a prolonged absence, accommodations will be made when your child returns to catch him or her up with taught material.